Monday, March 31, 2008

Message from

There will be no bus service to SunCrest or Traverse Ridge due to weather.

SR 92 has been shut down and Highland officers are at the bottom of SunCrest Drive diverting traffic away from the Alpine Hwy.

A Draper PD officer who drove SunCrest Drive at 6:45 said it "was open and okay but to be careful." They are looking for a car that slid off the road, so please do be extra careful if you drive your kids to school this morning.

Please continue to check the blog for updates today!

Only up at SunCrest do the kids miss school on March 31 because of snow! Instead of going to school, Nikkelle, Lexie and I watched the "Nanny Diaries." Good thing the 9 year old girls have some place to hang out when they are stuck at home!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Weekend Scraptacular

What a fabulous weekend Scraptacular we had to celebrate Sarah's and my birthdays! Rachel arranged for us to have a conference room to scrap in and two rooms to sleep in at the Marriott. It was the first night I spent away from the babies...but Ken did awesome and they had a great time together. In fact, Gavin was a good sleeper and went all the way until 6:30 am for a bottle of milk. Any event with these girls is just too much fun and I haven't laughed that hard in ages! Thank you for the generous gifts and the great time. It was a night to remember!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

March 27, 2006, 2007 and 2008

On March 27, 2006 we found out we were having twins! We were so very surprised...we had hoped and prayed but just felt we would never be that lucky! When Dr. Peterson said, "Oh Yes, there are two." We were both just shocked and quiet. He thought maybe we weren't excited for twins and was a bit worried...and the nurses who had worked with us were also wondering what we were thinking. We were really beyond thrilled but still so very shocked that we were actually going to get our dream and have two babies!!! Can you believe those little beans in the big black holes are now our sweet Gage and Gavin?

This photo was taken on March 27, 2007 when the boys were 5 months is one of my favorites of them as they have always loved each other!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Meeting Ethan & Jacob

What a party we had meeting up with Sheila, Ethan and Jacob from NJ. Sheila and I have been friends for the past couple of years. We met on a chat board...and her twins are two weeks younger than Gage & Gavin. It was so fun to have four 17 month old boys running around! I thought it would be fun to meet at the Discovery Museum at the Gateway. I will not attempt that again without Ken! Gavin wanted to run and Gage wanted to sit in the was madness. Gavin threw his first tantrum...which was interesting! Sheila's boys were so well behaved and darling! We took the boys to McDonald's for lunch...they had a great time! What can I boys excel at fries and nuggets!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Bookclub Girls 2008

There are now 11 of us in our bookclub...started 7 years ago. It is seriously the highlight of my month to get together with these girls. We usually never end before 1:00 am and it is all I can do to get up and leave! I do love each of them and they bring such amazing life experiences to the group. We now have two that live in Texas and they fly in when they can. I tried to find photos of each of them which are taken at different times. The next time we meet I'll be sure to get a great group photo! Thank you Lindsay for hosting and for the delicious food! I cannot believe how you did it with a brand new are amazing! Thank you Wanda for the fabulous desserts and to all the others for great entertainment. Next time...we will discuss the book!

Wanda, Melissa and Carolee with Gage & Gavin


Chris and Lindsay


Noelle and Lisa


Bookclub Girls - August 2001

Noelle, Jana, Melissa, Wanda, Carolee and Shannon...Michelle is in the pink above. Between the six of us there are 11 children...and more to come! We all had such pretty hair and lovely lipstick back then! We've added 5 more dear friends and it is such a party to get together!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter at Grandma Penny's

The boys were darling on Easter. I loved their outfits...when else can I dress them in purple? I can't wait to scrapbook the photos! The twins had such a great time at Grandma Penny's playing with their cousins! And the Easter Egg Hunt was fantastic! Toys, bubbles, and lots of candy! Gavin just wanted to run in Grandma Penny's backyard and Gage just wanted to stop and eat the candy he was finding! They were so much fun!

Easter Morning

We had a lovely Easter morning together and the boys loved the treats left by the Easter Bunny. We had an egg hunt in the Living room as there is still six feet of snow outside! The boys loved their new Baby Einstein DVD!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Uncle Joel Will Be Proud!!!

Uncle Joel...look what Gavin loves...light sabers!!!

Dying Eggs at the Hudaks

We had a great time dying eggs with our favorite neighbors the Hudaks! Gage and Gavin loved following Taylon and Cantor around and playing with their big boy toys! Nikkelle of course was darling! Gavin was also after Katie their sweet cat! He could find her any place she tried to hide from two wandering toddlers!

Wheeler Farm Egg Hunt & Other Fun Events

We had a crazy day! We went to the Wheeler Farm Egg Hunt along with the rest of SLC. It was packed! Gavin just wanted to run...and Gage wanted to eat candy! The bunny was not a hit...I thought Gavin would pass out with fear. After the hunt which lasted several seconds...we went to Hagerman's for breakfast. The boys are just like Ken and loved the French toast. We then stopped by the Draper park and they boys were able to try a bounce house...they loved it and laughed a ton. Of course, the swings were a big hit. I tried to take a cute photo of them but it is so hard these days...they just want to go, go, go!